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>>> after more than a decade with maryland state police and 8 years with the governor's protectiin detail a state -rooper is arrested facing felony child pornography charges. baltimore police arrested him after a long investtgation. from ounty police headquarters with more on how they tracked him down. >> baltimore county police say they're normal internet monitoring is hht led to the arrest of 47 years olddbruce tucker,,a 13 year eteraa with -aryland state police. according to charging documents over seveeal months, tucker received and exchanged more than 3,000 images of littte boys and girls, one child belieeed to be as young as 2 years old girl performing sex acts. detectives say they recovered evidence including a computer from inside tucker owinns mills home. as news spread, neighbors are ú%ocked. >> i live next door to a stttt trooppr, i guess you feel safe and you actually got somebody like that. i think it's preety shocking. >> reporter: baltimore county police said that tucker told them that he was curious of the and then his interest they arrested him and this morni
>>> now on fox 45 morning news. >> we live next door to a maryland state trooper, i guess3 you feel safe. >> a state trooper charggd with possesssng child pornography. what tips off investigaaors and why the trooper turned hiiself in. >> maayland ocial sscurity numbers exposeedon the internet. why safeguards didn't stop the security breach and how to find out if your identity ii safe.ú >>> and place your bets! where thousands f marylanders are expected to lay down their money on table gaaes. >>> good morning, it's tuesday, july 20th. you see the flag there blowing in an ever so slight breeze. all i felt was heat this morniig not so much breeze but we will see if that will be the case throughout the day. gooddmorning, i'm patrice harris. meteorologist steve fe fertig to ú%e us know if we can expect a >> we will get a 5-10-mile-an-hour uuts. >> that is nothing. >> not enough to cool you off. %-last hour in ballimore.y. dropped a degree or two. they will bounce back and start to limb toward the 90-ddgree high that we expecctto get to. to the west garrett county a little bit of ac
great from the maryland line down towards the beltway. southbound traffic is problem- free down towards the capital beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a maryland state trooper is facing child pornography charges. >> he is currently out on bail. jennifer franciotti it is live at baltimore city police. >> bruce allen tucker is a 13- year veteran and he has been interviewed several times on traffic safety. >this is a trooper at tucker speaking about safety. now he stands accused of possession and intent to distribute child pornography. in june they went to his home on esplanade court. a search revealed more than 3000 images showing pictures of children engaged in various sex acts. some of the images show the children tied up and partially nude. >> there is no indication he was involved in the taking of pictures or that he was depicted in any of the images with these children. >> tucker said his wife left him in 2005. he then felt depressed and felt worthless and began searching pornography on the internet. he started collecting and sharing child pornography with others. fo
, this is fox 45 news t 10:00. >> hello, iiaa jeff barnd. >> aad i am jennifer gilbert. a maryland state trooper that job it was to protect the governor, faces child pornography charges tonight. >> baltimore county police busted him after a long investigation. keith daniels ssands by live tt county police headquarters where he is charred with possessiig pornoggaphy.ting child keith? ->well, jeff, the sussect's name is bruce tucker, and he is 47. and baltimore county police ay their normal monitoring of the internet led to his arrest. >> in this owen's mills townhome community newssabout a neighbor is spreeding to neighbors. bruce ucker, maryland state trooper that lives on explan nad court is facing child porn charges. surprising allegations. >> lived right next oor to a maryllnd state trooper, i guess you feel saae. and you actually got somebodyú like that. that's shocking. >> another neighbor is not showing her face. but speaking out. >> well, i am appalled. i have children. so i mean, i have a great concern with that. right in my nnighborhood. >> according to charging documents,
. a family company. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate, and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >>> good evening, everyone. we have some bad weather outside. could we get a picture of the harbor cam, the rain is really coming down outside. you can look out the window here, and it's coming down. it's coming down all over our area as there's also a tornado warning right now. i mean, let's take a look at the harbor right there. everything is just covered. those thick, gray clouds out there. foggy, it's nasty. even on the roadways right now. it's also pretty bad, if you go over to 695, it seems to be moving along the beltway. could we get a picture of the beltway there? we can get an idea -- we will get a shot of the beltway there coming newspaper a minute. you can see there from the harbor cam, you can see the big fat rain drops falling down, and it's a mess outside. if you can stay inside, i suggest you stay inside because that rain is coming down for a while, and it's going to come down for a while. we check over with wyatt. are you ready there? >> yeah,
of the action is down in southern maryland. still big strong storms, down around lexington park. areas just south of there even. just on the eastern shore toward church creek. most of us actually seeing nice clearing again. apart from the storms down to the south a lot of us beginning to see clearing. there is a little more activity now firing up toward cumberland, hagerstowm and the high country to the west. we will have to see if that holds together as it pushes west to east. we will keep showers into the forecast here overnight. some late clearing will be possible as we push toward daybreak. then another round of storms will be possible tomorrow. again on wednesday and temperatures only headed up. we have all that coming up. >> police in carol say their search for a 20-year-old man who went missing is now a recovery mission. dive teams looking for the 20- year-old justin oliver swimming two friends when he disappeared. officials remind everybody it's illegal to swim there. >>> the news better for a 2- year-old save from drowning in a pool. the boy was found face down yesterday. i was re
" in maryland. a double murder. six weeks later another double murder. the victims two sets of mothers and daughters. now investigators may have cracked both cases with one suspected killer. wisdom martin is live with details. >> reporter: sources tell fox 5 they believe the same person is responsible for all four murders and a person of interest is likely to be indicted in one of the cases very soon. karen lofton and her daughter were shot and killed in their home last january. six weeks later deadly force dewitt and her 19-year-old daughter ebony were found in the trunk of a burning car in largo. both women were moms in their 40s who worked as nurses. both had teenage daughters and lived within a mile of each other. sources tell us that it is likely an indictment will be handed up in the dewitt case. the same man is a person of interest in the lofton case. he is in his 20s and already in jail on other charges. >> i think there is a good xhans that they are linked. >> we've been waiting on it all this time. this is a vicious senseless crime that took two beautiful people away that did
is in town to pitch health care. we're live with more on her visit today. good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. it's going to be very exciting tonight at the yard. >> a good time. >>> meteorologist justin berk with your weather this afternoon, today, tomorrow, whatever. >> we'll go back to last night first. 8:45 p.m., big storm through through chestertown on the eastern shore, reports of trees down on cars and other reports of damage. if you have pictures please send them to we would like to share them with the viewers. early reports, an indication there was not a tornado. however the national weather service will investigate the damage. most likely just microbursts of winds pushed down from the storm as it blew through into the area. turning hotter, that is the major headline as we go to the end of the week and into the weekend, once again it's low 90s, we're dealing with now but aiming for upper 90s to near 100 by the weekend. yeah, we've done that too many times already this summer. clouds
. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a maryland state trooper finds himself on the wrong side of the lot and facing child pornography charges. >> jennifer franciotti is live with more. >> bruce tucker spent the last eight years on protection detail in the governor's office. he protected bob ehrlich and martin o'malley. we have interviewed mr. tucker on several occasions on stories for traffic safety. he is accused of possession and intent to distribute child pornography. court records show a search of his home revealed over 3000 images involving children involved in sexual activity. many images show the children tied up or partially nude. >> there is no indication that he was involved in the taking of pictures or that he was depicted in any of the images with these children. >> tucker is suspended without pay. he is out on $50,000 bond. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> two morgan state university students are among four students charged with sexually assaulting a woman. renard james, dante green, dale lawton, and howard cook smith are all charged with attacking a woman at the mou
of central maryland. we're talking about el cot city right now, and i want to take you a little bit closer here and show you what we're seeing. as we zoom in tighter here, this is the primary area of concern. and i'm going to take the looping function here and change that so we just get the very end of the loop and show you where the storm is now. again, primarily rambles town south into wood lawn, the most dangerous part of the storm here would be right on the southern edge of it. so just north of ellicott city. so this is the area of greatest concern. again, a rare tornado warning. doesn't mean we have one on the ground. it means the potential is there this storm could spawn a tornadoic event here, so we're going to be keeping a close eye on that with maryland's most powerful radar. this warning up is through the rest of the area here. definitely want to take cover until the storm passes. one last look at it here on the radar picture, you can see where the storm is moving steady from west to east. we will have more on this storm and a look at your forecast coming up. >>> a maryland depar
closed in both directions. i spoke with the maryland state police. they said this was an accident involving three vehicles and trash truck. there was a medevac rescue on the scene there as well another accident on the harrisburg expressway, northbound 83 at timonium road. blocking the left lane and shoulder. traffic jams northbound from about 695. so it's been a very busy morning so far for rush hour. >>> the president of chick-fil-a is with us. he's going to tell us that baltimore is one of the best markets for his restaurants. in the land. we're going to talk about the chick. >> i believe, i have moved all over the country. no one talks more about it than here in baltimore. >> wait until you see our news desk. it's been taken over. >> looks good. >>> we're also going to talk about buying local. it's buy local challenge week. margot amelia is going to join us. >> and why stores are offering deals in july, for christmas. will this send you shopping this weekend? we'll find all this and more coming up on "good morning maryland." >>> first, let's get to today's hot topics. it's a
s. -ame old story. sky watch maryland satellite-radar is what you're you'rbeing looking at. back to the west a little bit of activity, but aa you can see expected to steer east to the west of the stationaay boundary which today it further north. that may keep things to the north in general, but we couud still see a couple of showers late in the day. 92 degrees for the high. a little bit armer with the ú%midity as well. let's see what is happening on the roadways with candace dold and et's check out the traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you, it's pretty inteeesting for most stories or the start of the morning commute an we llke that. it's going to be an easy drive from 95 to 83, we are in the green 11 miles at 55 miles per hour. 83 up oward 795 and looking good from 795 all the way down toward 95. right now 11 minutes, 55 miles per hour there. that's a look at your morning travels, patrice, over to you. >>> 5:02 on fox 45 early edition a a maryland state trooper faces child pornngraphy charges this morning. baltimore county police busted him after a long investigatio
. >>> authorities in maryland think they have found the person responsible for two separate mother/daughter murders in the same neighborhood. back on january of last year, police found karen lofton and her daughter, charissa, shot to death in their house in maryland. then in march they found the remains of 42-year-old dolores dewitt and her daughter, ebony, in a burned-up car just a few blocks away. initially police felt the murders were a coincidence. but now sources tell news 4 they are looking at one man for both crimes. the suspect is 27 years old. he apparently lived in that neighborhood. he's not >> the small seepages we are finding right now do not present at least aat this point any indication there is a threat to the wellbore. if so, we would take immediate action. >> bp said the cost of dealing with the oil spill has reached nearly $4 billion. >>> questions about bp's role in the release of a convicted terrorist could be part of the first u.s. visit from britain's new prime minister. david cameron will meet with president obama tomorrow. administration officials say talks likely will touc
earlier this morning that came through western maryland, panhandle ofl west virginia and into northern maryland. that's up into southern pennsylvania, near york pennsylvania and continuing to move off to the east. it is up to 87 in washington. the heat is on even with the cloud cover. it has warmed into the mid and upper 80s, not only here but around the bay and the eastern shore. it is in the 80s around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. over the last 12 hours, we have had this cloud cover coming in in advance of a weak front way out in the midwest. it's going to bring a bit of welcomed relief by the end of the week. for this afternoon, partly sunny, humid, a chance of a passing thunderstorm between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. highs reach the low and mid-90s. a look at the rest of the week and some changes on the way and the weekend as well. that will be coming up in a few minutes. stay tuned. >>> we'll see you in a few minutes. vre is already expanding its new express train service just one day after it started. the new service from fredericksburg to union station ran the inaugural trip ye
of a big rally in washington today. but right now we begin our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> good morning. we are looking similar to the last few days in maryland where it is hot and sticky with more thunderstorms here and there, especially this afternoon. looking at things this morning relatively quiet. western maryland seeing a couple of showers this morning. as we start in the 60s and 70s and will climb to the 80-degree mark or so by 9:00 a.m. through midday, the chance of thunderstorms start to increase from west to east to the lunch hour. well though the 80s to 90s. highs topping out low 90s in spots this afternoon with a threat of a thunderstorm or two. >>> a couple of cameras focusing on maryland traffic. we begin with a live shot at quince orchard and clopper road. drivers are stopped at the light. overall no problems to report out this way. as we shift things over to georgia avenue and viersmill looks like the same situation. nice and quiet. and finally all aboard, we are flying over 50 westbound from the bay bridge to bowie toward washington. loo
the maryland state police veteran stands accused of distribution of child pornography. we have some video of bruce tucker. we have interviewed him a number of times. police began their investigation last month. a search of his home revealed over 3000 images of children involved with sexual acts. many of the pictures showed adults engaged in sexual activity with the girls and boys. >> there is no indication he was involved in the taking of pictures or he was depicted in these images with these children. >> tucker has been suspended without pay. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the police officer who struggled to detain a woman who later died was acting according to police policy. the officer came upon mary beth crocker. the officer said crocker stabbed him with a pen. after the other officers arrived, she became unresponsive and stopped breathing. >> four men are in police custody charged with sexual assault. they reportedly attacked a woman last month. we're told a woman claimed that renard james, dante green, dale lawton, and howard cook smith sexually assaulted her on june 30. i
and thunderstorm throughout the day. already, a few thunderstorms into western maryland and then, we see this heat intensifying into the end of the week. >>> bernadette, thank you, and we'll check in with sharon gibala. >> hi, sharon, good morning. we picked up a major problem this morning. you can see the accident on the westside of the beltway on the inner loop. it's approaching 70 and you can see, it's also blocking three right lanes and traffic is jammed. it looks like all of the lanes are blocked at this moment. meantime, you're looking at a back up and a poll down. this is going to take a while and we'll keep you updated. another accident, this is in the city at bel air road and we have the fire activity in the brooklyn section. this is closed between hoffman andhans map. some of the alternates are ritchie highway and 648. there's a live look outside, the traffic is light at this hour. and everything's running smoothly on the beltway. at 295, the problem area is the westside of the beltway. >> remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to back to you. >>> sh
the final decision? according to the maryland high court, the voters do. they are being asked to repeal the zoning amendment that prevents slots from being in a mall. >> the specific language that all applicable zoning laws would be applied to any facility mean what they say. >> attorneys for a citizens group opposed the slots at the mall. they say this is a critical check and balance. citizens have the right to challenge decisions by their local government and reverse them through a referendum. >> i know what is right, and a casino does not belong in a family-friendly small. the people -- family-friendly mall. the people have a right to appeal, and that is what we did. >> they successfully made the case in circuit court that is adding measure is tied to an appropriations package that was connected to a bill legalizing slots. earlier in the day, this man detailed what this means. >> $500 million per year to start. >> court testimony indicates that 55% of the voters cast a ballot in favor of slots in 1997. >> a lot of people could not care less if there were slots, but they assume that i
and alex has more. >> when the judges on maryland's highest court entered, more than an observer and his plans to build the largest slot casino was being challenged to put it to a vote interest aa county citizens. >> casino does not belong next to a neighborhood. >> we feel the right and the court of appeal will do the right thing. >> and if it is defeated at the polls, there is the promise of serial referendum. >> countered by arguments of the supporters. >> there has to be access to government. >> i can't read the judge's mind. i'm hopeful because i know what's right, and what's right is that a casino doesn't belong in a parking lot of the mall. >> that leaves the slots at 11 mills up to county voters to decide, and could still win, and if not the jockey club is hoping to get slots at laurel park, but they are offering what he says is a sure thing. >> the state of maryland is losing revenue every day, and when it's going out of state it's a lot of money. we could more or less take care of a great deal of the deficit with this one casino. but we're trying our best. >> with today's rulin
and treatment programs. >>> before long parents will be thinking about back-to-school shopping and maryland is offering a tax free week. tax free items can't cost more than $100. among clothings not subject to taxes are pants, shirts, shoes and pajamas. >>> lindsay lohan surrendered to the court and began her jail sentence for violating probation. we have the report from outside the press son in los angeles. >> reporter: a crush of cameras and frenzied fans greeted lindsay lohan's entrance at beverly hills court this morning. her arrival at a lynwood jail was a smaller key. >> as with any inmate, ms. lohan was treated just like any other. obviously, this crowd is a little different. >> reporter: this isn't the first time lohan has been at the lynwood sentence. shower served 84 muds for -- minutes for a dwi. this time the sentence is nod -- 90. the 24-year-old apparently consulted with celebrity lawyer robert shapiro just days ago. while many think jail is what the once rising star needs to clean up drug and alcohol problems, her father does not. >> michael spent the day praying for his daug
. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. >>> trooper accused. a maryland state trooper once assigned to guard the governor. >> what investigators told. >>> this is what people are talking about. >>> he was trusted with the life of two of our govors, but tonight he is facing child pornography charges. kelly mcpherson tells us how police tracked down the suspect. >> reporter: police had several e-mails that led them to an ip address that led them to a house. they did not realized they were about to arrest a state trooper. led investigators to a man they say collected and shared child pornography. bruce allen tucker has also been a state trooper for 12 years. in tucker's home investigators found more than 3000 images of children ages 2 to 14 posing nude and performing sex acts with adults. >> he had started casually looking at these things over the internet. an his interest grew. he exchanged some photos with some supreme -- people and it just increased. >> reporter: he started collecting child pornography in 2009. police started looking for the suspect a year ago.
maryland. 95 to georgia you are all clear. 66 lanes are wide open out of manassas. and 395, just watch for that new traffic pattern crossing the 14th street bridge expect similar conditions yesterday. back to you. >>> dc's department of youth and rehabilitation services is undernew leadership this morning. mayor fenty has promoted the chief youth prosecutor to run the troubled agency. but as gary none berg tells us he may not keep the job for long. >> reporter: at the top of the list the march 30th drive by shooting of nine young people on south capitol street. the suspects had a history with, dyrs. and then in april the murder of brine, the suspect under the supervision of dyrs. last month dozens of polices were called in. mayor fenty got rid of the interim director in charge when that happened. >> the only down side to it it is long overdue. >> and replaced him with the chief youth prosecutor robert hilldom. >> he is without any question one of the foremost experts in juvenile affairs in the district of columbia the mother of rochelle jones killed in the drive by wants better managem
's take you into maryland's most powerful radar and show you what we're seeing right now. and as we look at this, you can see this one cell over the chesapeake now. that was our tornado warn cell earlier. that's just about completely out of anne arundel county, and you have to watch out over toward rock hall and queen anne's county as they watch the storm move in. another storm out toward i-270. that's going to be a headache for commuters in that direction. in live mode, we're seeing clearing there now in northern anne arundel, but this is the storm we're watching right now to the west. kelly, we're keeping a close eye on this right now. the storms we do have are not as strong as the one an hour ago, and that's a good thing. much more coming up here for the outlook for the rest of the week. >>> tonight, the divers confirmed that they have recovered the body of 20-year-old justin oliver. maryland state police say oliver and a friend were swimming from a cove to a beach area when oliver said he was having trouble staying afloat. police say it is illegal to swim in all three city reservoirs
assignments, including executive protection. his latest assignment was with the maryland coordination and analysis center, reporting to federal, state, and local police agencies. >> a robbery in east baltimore ended with a storeowner opening fire. at around 5:00 tonight a robber demanded cash ed matthews food market. that is when the owner reportedly opened fire, but the robber got away. it is unclear if the suspect was hit. the fbi has snagged a serial bank robber they have been searching for since last month. he was picked up on saturday morning during an attempted robbery in hamilton. he demanded cash when the temblor hit the net -- a panic button and the police responded. this robbery would have been the seventh committed by randall. >> one of the first, -- 25-year- old derek maxy was killed outside of the american legion hall. a 15-year-old shot in the leg during the gunfire is recovering. police said they do not believe the victims knew each other. anyone with information is asked to call police. baltimore county police have released the name of a woman who died in their custody
would not say where or when that incident took place. >> a maryland state trooper bruce alan tucker 13 year veteran accused of possession charges have ben caught ú--> i live next door to aght. maryland state trooper, you feel safe. and you actually got omeeody like that. it is shocking. tonight. he is currently suspended >> firrt on foxxtonight. -epartment of natural resources ú%lice officer is charged with more than a dozen counts of sex abuse. as kathleen cairns reports, the victim is a young teenage girl. >> it is a lazy monday3 afternoon, on lynch cove in fishermen say they rarely see the department of natural resources police patrolling. but in april, on this same dockk one woman tells us that she witnessed an encounter, a dnr officer had with her dad. >> e was just going own there to fish. and he didn't have his rods in the water or aything. and the cop was really rude about it. gave him a ticket. >> her ffther plans to go to court to fight tte civii ú%tation. and meanwhile that's the same week the officer that graduated from the accdemm tww years ago will have his own cou
degrees. frederick, maryland, 72 degrees off to the east. oweship city, maryland is at 78 degrees at this hour. we do have some mist out there. -- ocean city, maryland is at 78 degrees at this hour. we'll see some clouds build in later on today and those clouds could bring with them a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the latter part of the day. our typical high would be 89 degrees. we will again top that, 93 is what we're looking for downtown. more sunshine in the early part of date than in the latter part of state and a chance of some thunderstorm activity here and there during the course of the afternoon. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in with lauren once again with our traffic. >> we've got a new accident reported as you travel southbound on 95 in virginia. let's head out there. 95 south at lorton, it is right on the exit ramp. you are actually able to get by on the ramp. you can see here we do have police on both sides. you are able to get by in the center of the ramp. not
into western maryland right now. a live look over the capital shows a lot of sunshine. patty afternoon clouds. 76 in arlington, 93 for the high temperature. scattered late-day thunderstorms this afternoon. >>> connecticut avenue is closed between the blunt part metro, 24 st., karen lofton and daughter -- kalorama. there is police activity on connecticut avenue near the bridge that is over the rock creek parkway. things are running very nicely between fedex field and the ikea. back to you. >> thank you. >>> it will be a busy day for lawmakers on capitol hill. the first order of business is a bill to restore unemployment benefits to 2.5 million americans. >> and the democrats will soon have the votes needed to pass the $34 billion bill, is not popular with republicans concerned about the big national debt increasing. now to pamela brown for the latest. >> debate over the senate stalemate is expected to end today. until now, democrats have tried three times to overcome the republican filibuster. the replacement of the late senator robert byrd is expected to be sworn in. that could be the game ch
to the north starting to make their way into maryland. in annapolis, we have a thunderstorm making its way towards easton. we have a few thunderstorms out there. now, off to the north, we're seeing stronger thunderstorms making their way over to maryland from the maryland side. you can see the eastern parts of carroll county and a few thunderstorms are building up at this point. this one here -- see the purple now. there's the potential for hail and in addition to wind gusts upwards of 40 to 50 and a lot of rain coming out of the thunderstorm now. let's show you, yesterday, we had the thunderstorms and those died down and earlier, this band was to the west. and now, it's moving in our direction for the metro areas. we have the winds out of the west and south west and on top of the lines of storms and with the winds, it's keeping the dew points and the moisture levels high and it's starting to bump up the temperatures. we're up to 89 degrees in baltimore and when you factor in the heat index, it's 89 degrees. and 97 in ocean city. and the humidity is in play again today. with this humidity,
were hard at work this morning in frederick county, maryland. they responded to a call flames at bowers lumber and components just before 6:00 a.m. the lumberyard is located on main street in woodsboro, maryland. it is unclear what sparked the blaze. >>> david cameron is making his first visit to washington since assuming office. questions about the b.p. oil spill and reports the company pressured british petroleum officials to release the lockerbie suspect are expected to overshadow his trip. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: british prime minister cam reason arrived in washington ready for tough discussions. president obama and vice president biden want to talk him to him about the circumstances surrounding the release of this man. , the only person convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. some reports say that b.p. played a role in winning his freedom. before leaving england, the prime minister told the bbc if he had been in charge last august, he would still be in jail. >> all i know as leader of the opposition i couldn't have been more cl
that moved through ashburn, take a look at doppler now. down in southern maryland there are welcome showers. they all going to continue to move out. during the day tomorrow we will see more of the same. we are into one of the hottest summers of all time. earlier today over 1 inch of rain. the heat and humidity will continue. and why you should be wearing these over vacation. it will be humid. i will tell you more about this stuff. >> do we have 3-d weather? federal authorities make a major gangbuster in northern virginia. immigration enforcement released this video of 30 arrests in fairfax county. they were arrested on weapons and violent crimes charges. 26 were arrested on immigration charges. >>> a baptist church pastor faces serious charges after he sexually abused a teenager. police say jason bolton began having sex with a 17-rolled curls starting at the beginning of this year. -- 17-year-old girl. >>> we are going to monitor the developments from the floor of the gulf. the cap on the oil well has begun to leak. engineers from the government is keeping a close eye on this cap, but have
. the congressman issued a check to the maryland center for environmental science for the new study. the $100,000 grant will help research is better understand the bay's ecosystem, and could shed light on a teacher's way of cleaning up oil spills. >> hit he comply these found here to see how bacteria is responding to oil, and whether they are capable of degrading oil. >> he says if the results are promising, more funding could be provided. bp and government officials continue to monitor the cap keeping oil from flowing into the gulf. in the meantime, the company is considering a new approach to block the oil called static kill. kristin has the latest from louisiana now. >> for nearly five days now that thick, brown stream of oil poured into the gulf has been gone, but that does not mean concerns are. officials are closely watching a small leak at the bottom of the new cap, and bubbles near the blowout preventer. so far they do not think that either it is too much to handle. >> i think with this extensive monitoring we are in a good position to not have a catastrophic event. >> officials also
. the extra clark added today made room called the writers. >>> maryland's highest court is weighing in to stop a casino in anne arundel county. they will go on -- they will hear arguments on whether residents will have a say to build a casino at arundel hills mall. construction could begin soon if the court agrees. >>> police are on a hunt for an ei found the. --iphone thief. the robber asked the victim for directions on the pawn and snatched it and ran. coming up, three months since the oil started spelling in the gulf and some are bringing the plight over the oil spill to capitol hill. we will explain. get ready for fireworks in illinois in a courtroom for the governor gets ready to go under oath. plus, making her way to jail, lindsay lohan starts her time behind bars. will they keep away break anytime soon? adam caske ♪ [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010. [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains foreve
. a graduate of the university of maryland. he has a degree in computer science technology. that he worked for a delivery service and had access to customer databases and used that information to select his targets. they say he lived in the neighborhood where the murders happened. they say he is currently in jail held on unrelated federal gun charges, his home was raided last year and 50 guns seized. two nurses, their two teenage daughters, two double murders in the largo neighborhood less than two months apart. now after months and months of investigation, prince george's county police have identified a potential suspect. this is half of the file. 14 binders, records of countless interviews. they're confident about the evidence in this case. >> in our opinion it has been a solid case, it is a solid case. >> reporter: the double-double murders happened in january 2009 and march 2009. detectives anthony shartner, bernie nelson, on this case from the beginning, working nonstop, no vacation, no holidays for them. sources say they have linked this potential suspect to an arson and murder in bo
. around the eastern shore it's in the mid-70s mountains of of western maryland, mid-60s this morning. over the past 12 hours, we had the showers passing mainly to the south of washington and those are pulling away. there are still a few lingering showers in northeastern maryland moving to the east. we have another disturbance approaching us later today that may bring us late afternoon and early evening thunderstorms. before that it should be partly cloudy with highs reaching the mid-90s today. remaining steamy tonight and tomorrow. during the day on wednesday, morning lows mid-70s afternoons again into the mid to low 90s. then lower humidity ought move am briefly. highs in the mid-90s both days. >> it's looking pretty good as we get going here. along the 95 corridor, right now fredericksburg all the way up to the beltway and 395, should find all lanes open. let's head to the american legion bridge. authorities are dealing with an accident on the outer loop. single car accident. somebody smacked into the jersey wall. fire and rescue crews are on the scene. volume is so light it's not creati
in maryland. he hasn't been named but investigators say he did kill karen and carries say lofton then later dell loris and ebony dewitt. he is the suspect in dozens of burglaries, robberies and home invasions. >>> the search is on for the gunman that shot and killed a fairfax man in california. it happened in oakland outside of a dental office a. dental hygienist was helping jing hong kang with directions when he was robbed and shot to death. instead of celebrating his interview, his family is preparing to bury him. >> whatever you ask, he will give. i don't understand why they just shot him. >> oakland police say they have surveillance tape of two people of interest in the murder, a man and a woman. they are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the killers. >>> the storm force is keeping their eyes to the skies. another night of rough weather including a tornado warning an hour ago. looks good over the d.c. metro area but let's get the latest from sarah palin who has a broader view of things. >> it has been isolated to be sure. the tornado warning, we did not get reports of
the heart of central maryland. take a look at the entire mid- atlantic region. very warm, moist humid air mass is all around. again, this is the heavy rains and winds that we are most concerned with. as we move and you can see that the tornado warning was issued because of this right here, that purple. >> we are going to go back to capt. great taylor again, -- roy taylor right now. what are you saying -- seeing? >> if you look at the spray on a the beltway, a lot of water has been dumped here. traffic is growing at a crawl. the outer loop has had to slow down because of the spray. we are on the back side of this. we are pretty much following the storm as it goes along. right now, it is going anywhere from 35-38 miles per hour in a southeasterly direction. it is moving along rather quickly. everything behind us is all clear. the sun is out. we have a rainbow in front of us. i have never seen a rainbow this close to me, almost all the way around, the way we have this rainbow going right now. it is an amazing sight. traffic on 95 has been affected as well as people leave baltimore to head to
spots to 68, 9 # 69. 70 gaithersburg and 73 to the north. 74 winchester. in southern maryland at the pax naval air station. another hot sticky day with scattered thunderstorms. highs pushing 90 to 95. right now a couple of clouds. it is 5:00 a.m. here's angie. >> wake up, washington. not so bad out there but you can see we do have smack in the middle an issue. take you to northwest dc and show you the live shot. connecticut avenue is closed at calvert. that's because we have ongoing police activity. you want to use cathedral as the alternate. keeping it moving. let's take it to the outer loop in maryland. 95 to 270, smooth sailing. in virginia, 66 eastbound, we are tracking the taillights. they are moving at speed from centreville to inside the beltway. and 395, you are going to find lanes wide open until you get to the 14th street bridge where we have a new traffic pattern in place due to construction. two lanes getting by to the left and one to the right. andrea, that's the traffic. now, back to you. >>> you heard howard's forecast and you see it on the screen, 79 degrees. yes, it is j
on their businesses. we are live in maryland, jay korff come abc7 news. >> thank you, jay. >>> she used to be living the high life, but tonight actress lindsay lohan was forced to trade it all for a prison cell. >> after leaving a beverly hills courtroom in full view of cameras, and on marked police vehicle and drove lindsay lohan behind closed doors to a jail to begin her sentence. >> she has been extremely cooperative. everything is going smoothly. >> she arrived 10 minutes late to a beverly hills court room where she turned herself in. the judge ordered carries off as lohan was put into handcuffs. her mother was emotional. the attorney was back at her side after famed -- famed attorney robert shapiro quit the case one night before. >> she is resolute. she is doing this. >> lindsay's father held up a sign. >> she was stripped searched and psychologically evaluated. she will be segregated from other inmates for her own protection. she can only leave for one hour per day. >> inmates can be out of their cell into a recreation room. she will not be able to do that. >> she is not expected to fulfill he
of showers and some embedded thunderstorms across western portions of maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. that is tracking to the east northeast and will continue to do so during the next couple f hours but we'll keep or eyes on it. some of the ewers to the north might see a little bit of precipitation this morning. back to the graphics. satellite radar for the entire region and again it gives you a better look at the whole region. it's the tail end of a sift um up across the northern portions across the great lakes region. that is about it. we do have some clouds and haze humidity levels over 70%. current temperatures around the area, 75 degrees in washington, 75 in baltimore. we have an air quality alert in baltimore, code orange because of bad air quality. 69 degrees is your current temperature at dulles. the forecast for today, sunshine this morning, some more clouds working in this afternoon. chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm, you know the routine. some of you say dry and some could see the activity. high of about 93 degrees downtown. that's the latest downtown. in f
of maryland. >> these people are dedicated. we're hoping in our lifetime or let's say my lifetime we find a cure for this disease. and we don't need to do this anymore for this charity. >> there he is, in his 15th year the event has raised more than $1 million. great event yesterday. >> you were out there for a while. it was hot. >> cam can play. >> can he? >>> let's turn it to justin berk. you hear anything more about kent county? >> no, but we're still waiting for you. if you have pictures of the storms that blew through chestertown between 8:30, 9:00 last night please send them to we would like to share them with the viewers. storms this morning off the coast. we have another batch come into the mountains. this could be -- could be trying to hit us around lunchtime, otherwise looking for a day that is warm and sticky. 75 in baltimore. 73 easton. 78 ocean city. we will have ourselves another humid day with showers and thunderstorms. again, we could have spotty showers lunchtime. it's really going to be this afternoon with the best chance of storms that could turn s
showers or thunderstorms bubble up. earlier we did have a thunderstorm move through western maryland. and let's see if we can track that. off to the north and west. a sprinkle out toward chleston and another swer up now just east of hagerstown. so that's the theme around here today. we'll have shower activity and thunderstorms later today and hit and miss out there with high temperatures in the 90s. and let's look at the forecast. 93 in washington, 93 in culpeper. and the cool spot is winchester. we'll get hotter from here. i'll have details in a few minutes. back to you at the desk. >>> our top story this morning, the extended unemployment benefits pill on the docket in the senate today. >> it could land on the president's desk by the end of the week. doug luzader is live on capitol hill with the latest. doug, good morning. >> hi allison and tony, good morning. it looks like senate democrats will force this through over republicans in the senate because numbers are changing. this is the guy who is going to make all of the difference today. clark goodwin will be sworn in as the newes
. >>> maryland's gamble on slots is in the hands of voters. anne arundel county residents have a right to decide whether a proposed casino will be built there. the planned casino near hanover, may not go forward if voters don't approve zoning. if voters give a thumbs up they would have 4,750 slot machines. >>> a bank robber with a romantic side. >>> you may think your electric bill is too high. marge what the gay lord hotel at national harbor pay every month. not as much as you might think. >>> a woman gets hit by lightning while at work. >>> coming up at 4:45, we go along with montgomery county officers on the prowl for pot plants. >>> a bank robber in new york city decided to say it with flowers. he came into the bank of manhattan armed with a bouquet. he pulled a card out of the flowers. instead of a sweet sentiment it said don't be a heroes and demands '50s and 100s. he ran off with the crash. >>> a missouri woman is recovering after being struck by lightning. tina ryan works for the parks service. one colleague whose feet were reportedly hanging out of a truck suddenly cried out. >> the gir
.com to keep you updated on the latest information. also stay with us here at "good morning maryland." facebook and twitter of course. if you know anyone that is actually in the backup you should tell them, especially if they are on the outer loop to hop off, maybe at i-70, liberty road. inner loop, tell them to avoid it altogether. we don't know when they are going to reopen this. we've been watching this all morning. medevac still in the inner loop lanes of the beltway. traffic is going to be a headache. weather will be hot today so says justin berk. what is the latest? >>> at least we got hazy sunshine or clouds spilling overhead to cut down on sun glare. check this out, satellite and radar highlighting showers and storms pushing into garrett county. that may add to morning clouds even though i think the sun is going to break out over the next-hour to hour. the issue is going to be more storms firing up this afternoon. if you stick around, i'll show you a great time lapse camera from yesterday's storms that ended with a rainbow. parkville. we'll talk about the stuff brewing in the tropics. 6
, maryland, last year. police believe he used his job to pick his victims and track them down. pat collins has more on this. >> reporter: jim, they say he youed a computer to help target his victims, a thief, a robber, a killer, linked to five murders in prince george's county and possibly other crimes in other places. at a table inside police headquarters, part of the team that worked this double-double murder case, the potential suspect described as a monster. >> i think we will go down as one of the most foul criminals and murderers in the history of the united states of america. >> reporter: this investigation went on for more than a year and a half. tonight we learn more about this person of interest. since he hasn't been charged we can't say his name but sources say he is 27 years old, a graduate of the university of maryland, that he has a degree in computer science technology, that he worked for a delivery service and had access to customer databases, that he used that information to select his targets. they say he lived in the neighborhood where the murders happened. they say he's
question. we'll have an update to that next. >>> a big drug bust in maryland. here is some of what police say they found. >>> a woman charged with killing her own father. we'll have detail coming up next. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ws. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. >>> a northern virginia woman is accused of murdering her elderly father. neighbors say 53-year-old patricia blevins is a nurse. she started having financial trouble. soon after, her mother died. her 82-year-old father then collapsed and died in march while living at the residence inn in woodbridge. an autopsy showed he had a high level of zoloft and undissolved crushed tablets in his stomach. >>> two men have been
. peggy, thank you. >>> a maryland straight trooper is out on bail tonight after being charged with possessing child pornography. 47-year-old bruce tucker was arrested on friday. he's been with the force for 13 years and worked on the state's executive protection unit which protects the governor and the lieutenant governor. tucker face as number of counts including possession and distribution of child pornography. >>> the heat and humidity are at it again. will storms pop up on the radar? topper is keeping an eye on things in the weather center. >> reporter: big storms northeast of us and big storms southwest of us. let's go right to live doppler 9000. the national weather service has issued a tornado warning now in effect primarily for baltimore city and southern baltimore county until 5:30. i think you folks in anne arundel county are all right. you folks up in caroll county are fine. we'll zoom on this storm. this is the one that's prompted the warning. if you are in ellicott city or locker or baltimore, you need to take cover immediately. the storm is moving southeast at ab
. this is brought to you by mazda. take a test drive at your mazda dealer today. >>> and a maryland state trooper is charged with collecting and distributing pornography. here's the latest. >> reporter: good morning, that state trooper is suspended without pay. a tip lead the police to this 47-year-old. he was a maryland state trooper of 12 years. he served on why profile details and on the laptop, the investigators found images of children. the police don't believe he took the photos. the charges of possession and distribution -- back to you. >> two current and two former students at morgan state university are charged with sexual assault. the four attacked a woman in her apartment in north 'baltimore last month. the ball mother sun reports that two play in the university marching band. >>> joe buyen makes a stop in baltimore. he was at the hilton hotel to support o'malley. and the biggest city event started at $250. the recent poll shows the governor race is at a a [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon? try the subway steak & bacon melt. and build your better breakfast with the new steak
spring maryland claudia uceda univision la policia de arlington anuncioe este miercoles 21 de julio, desde las 12:30 de la manana, las camaras que controlan violaciones a las emitir multas ... bajo el programa, los conductores que sean tados pasando las luces rojas tendran que pagar 50-dolares por infraccion... las intersecciones que contaran con monitoreo en los semaforos son: la calle lynn y lee highway, fort myers y lee highway, la calle north glebe y la fairfax drive y en washington boulevard y lee highway... viaje de maradona posterga la esperada reunion con el presidente de la afa, julio grondona, en la que se decidiria su continuidad. maradona acepto la invitacion del presidente hugo chavez para dar unas clinicas de futbol. hasta el momento la afa nada dijo sobre la postergacion del encuentro por el viaje de maradona, pero extraoficialmente se realizaria el proximo jueves. segun dicen la afa le habria ofrecido a maradona seguir en el cargo hasta el "ultimo partido" de la copa del mundo brasil 2014. vamos con la mls, y con el rtido dominical entre dc united y los angeles galax
. >>> 6:03. he was trusted to protect two maryland governors, now a state trooper's integrity is questioned as he faces child pornography charges. after a four-month investigation. police busted into 47-year-old bruce tucker's home. detectives say he had more than 3,000 images of children as young as 2 years old in sexually provocative positions. neighbors say they never knew the man living next door. >> these people do what they do but when you involve children it's a different issue. a child is innocent. >> there was no answer when we knocked on tucker's door and called his phone. the state trooper is now suspended without pay. >>> a deadly shooting with more than 100 witnesses. police say this morning there's still no description of the suspect. the double shooting in bel air happened early sunday and left a harford county man dead and 15-year-old girl wounded. police found the body of derrick maxey jr. right in the parking lot in the 100 block of north bond street. and police say a crowd had emptied out of a rented banquet hall at the american legion when the shootings er
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